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How does Nicole work with you?

  • Set a date:

To provide you with the best solution for your insurance needs, you and your partner (if applicable) would need to meet with me, for approximately 30 minutes. This way you know I am the person I say I am and in turn I can get to know you and your situation.


To make things as easy as possible I will make it a convenient time and place for you within the Auckland region. I also work evenings and weekends to accommodate where needed.


  • Let's talk about you:

During the appointment I will ask you some questions regarding your situation including your priorities and what your goals are. This will help me provide you with a personalized insurance plan in the form of a recommendation, which includes gathering various prices from the top tier of insurance companies so you don’t have too! Making me your one stop shop for cover and price comparisons. 


  • Arrange cover

Once you have made a decision  you are 100% happy with, I will assist you with your application to the insurance company for cover, taking you through the process one step at a time.


When your cover is set up I will provide an ongoing service at policy renewal time and in the event of claim. As the insurance company pays me directly, my ongoing service to you is completely free of charge.


And you now have the pleasure of dealing with just one person rather than several different people in call centres.

Want to 

"Before seeing Nicole, I had my insurance cover with the bank and I had no idea how underinsured I was!


I now have peace of mind knowing that I have the best cover in place for my situation. In my industry that's so important!"




Monday - Friday 

9.00 am to 5.00 pm


Albany, Auckland


Evenings & Weekends by Appointment

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